Friday Favorites: Performance Fabrics

These days, more of my clients are seeking high performing indoor fabrics; fabrics that look great, work with their aesthetic, fall within their budget and are easy to clean. Most people don't think of science when it comes to fabrics but, I am grateful there is some great science out their that has combined beautiful fabrics that perform for my clients active, busy lifestyles! For the past few weeks, I've looked at TONS of fabrics that fall into this category for two separate clients; each with specific needs. Some really stood up to the test of stain resistance and washing while others fell short. My advice, if you are looking for fabrics that will take a beating and still look fabulous, be sure to test them so that you can feel assured that they will perform to your requirements.

+Here's a quick little video of a test I did, using red wine and bleach, on a Perennials fabric. I will absolutely stand behind this line's ease of upkeep!

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