Friday Favorites: Wallpaper!

This is not your grandmother's wallpaper! If you've ever bought an old house that was covered in wallpaper in every room (as I have, more than once!), you, likely, have an aversion to all things wallpaper. I swore, back in the day, that I would NEVER install wallpaper after the painstaking efforts I took to remove that old hideous wallpaper from nearly every surface of my old old house! Well, wallpaper has changed over time and I LOVE it! Wallpapers today have a fresh, updated look, come in a wide range of colors, textures, sheens, materials and are installed in new, innovative ways. Here are some favorites that I stumbled upon recently...

Mitchell Black wallpaper, Tempaper, Ashley Woodson Bailey, Susan Hart Mural Papers
Friday Favorites: Wallpaper

The images on the right are all from the same vendor. Each of their patterns are available in multiple color options and can be ordered in pre-pasted paper rolls, peel & stick vinyl rolls or peel & stick vinyl panels. This company has approximately 360 options to choose from, all in fun patterns and fresh colors.

Hand Painted Mural Paper, Susan Harter

If you've been on Pinterest lately, you likely noticed how many pins there are for mural wallpaper! I have a client that's building a house on the coast of Georgia; they would like a mural wallpaper for the dining room. I love this option (to the left) for this project. This hand painted mural wallpaper can be custom made to fit the space and I love the combination of coastal colors with mature, majestic trees, reminiscent to those found in the area.

Ashley Woodson Bailey wallpaper, Floral Wallpaper, Foral Wall Mural

And, speaking of murals, I LOVE the floral wallpapers created from this vendor's beautiful photography! The vast collection is available in wallpaper, fabrics, prints and more. The wallpapers come in various colors in the background but I love the moodiness of the dark background and how it contrasts the beautiful flowers, as depicted in the image to the right. I envision using this in a small space like a powder room, as an accent wall in a larger space or installed in a ceiling.

Tempaper, removabale wallpaper

Looking for a temporary wall covering or not ready to commit to wallpaper? I have a perfect solution for you! This company offers 100s of options of removable wallpaper, sold in rolls or panels. You can choose from graphic designs, florals, stripes, wood look, stone look, murals, you name it! You can even create your own custom deigned wallpaper. What a fun way to experiment!

What do you think of this week's favorites? Let me know in the comments! See any patterns you'd like more info on, or if there's a particular style, color, look I can help you with, or to get started on your interior design project, you can always reach out to me at


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